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Hive Fabric

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Hive Fabric is an all-in-one VDI platform. It includes everything you need to deliver Virtual Desktops in less than 1 hour. From the Hypervisor, Storage, and Networking on theinfrastructure side to the Desktop Broker, Profile Management, and Simple Interface to empower your users.

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Deploying VDI can now be simple, time efficient, and for the first time, a pleasant experience. Hive Fabric is designed to meet the needs of all businesses with simplicity, flexibility, and affordability at any scale.

Download the ISO, run the installer, specify the hostname, the network settings and administrator credentials, and you are immersed in the industry’s first VDI admin UI – capable of visualizing your entire VDI infrastructure through a single pane of glass. And your users can access their desktops from anywhere, from any device, at any time.


– Completed end-to-end VDI platform

– Based on Swarm Theory, intelligently utilizes resources and scales linearly

– Single pane view across all virtual servers, storage and clients.

– Intelligent message bus detect anomalies, application changes, and more, providing IT teams full visibility in real-time into their VDI infrastructure and users

– Highly performant in-memory storage capabilities

– Deploys on-premises or as a DaaS option

– Non disruptive updates with zero downtime

– Industry’s lowest cost of ownership, with per user/VM per month pricing

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