Citrix Synergy Customer Story – Lockton Companies

Full Transcription

Jamie Creek, VP of IT Operations Lead: We were using HP Endpoints. HP did a model change during a rollout of VDI. We kinda ran into some technical issues and got involved with IGEL, loved the design and quickly made the switch. It didn’t slow us down at all. I think our IGEL deployment that we have currently is one where we have the confidence to stand up in office anywhere in the world. I can send anybody out to do it, and we turn them on and they can figure out if they call home, do what they need to do.

We have taken standing up remote operations from days to hours to less than an hour. I think for us the biggest impact has been on remote cities. We are a worldwide company. We don’t have IT people in every location, so the ability to just have an IGEL sitting there at the location for an operations person in that office to be able to go and unbox it, set it up in an office for a new hire coming in the door. It doesn’t require any interaction from us at all which is key to keeping those offices moving forward.

Before IGEL and the Clark Gateway Services, working from home was difficult. We basically have to outfit the person with a home-grown machine. It would have to be specially imaged. It was a one-off type process for us which, you know, nobody likes one-off type processes. But with IGEL and how we manage them now, it allows us to simplify the process. It’s highly repeatable, as our workforce, you know, continues to push the envelope from working from home, working from anywhere, anytime, any device. It just gets easier and easier for us to deploy these.