Citrix Synergy interview: David Brim, SCL Health

Full Transcription

David Brim – SCL Health

Our relationship with IGEL is a new relationship. We just started rolling out IGELs in the last 30 days or so, been piloting them for about 6 months. Our relationship now is growing strong very quickly as we deploy IGELs for our VDI environment throughout our system.

Our experience has been very good as we’ve moved over to IGEL. We found that the software, the flexibility within the software has been very nice.  To be able to use the UD Pockets and the conversion kits as long and as well as the UD-3s that we purchased, so the hardware and the software side of it. The console, super easy to use, very flexible, has all the security features that we were looking for. And then the cloud gateway service is very nice, to be able to deploy to external folks within our environment and still be able to control their devices.

We have a big investment in HP endpoints, T640s, T630s that we’re currently running Windows embedded on. As we transition over to our new VDI environment we’re excited to be able to actually convert those, all those devices over to IGELs with about 3500 of those devices, having to replace those with new hardware would be very expensive. So being able to convert over to using the conversion kit is gonna be very beneficial, cost savings for us.

One of our major strategies at SCL Health is virtualization, moving away from the traditional desktop. IGEL plays right into that, that strategy being able to deliver a endpoint that’s running the Linux operating system.  We can reduce the footprint of Microsoft operating systems and have a more secure, really agile and efficient way for us to deliver those endpoints.