Citrix Synergy interview: John Pangulias, Citrix

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John Pangulias – Citrix

Our relationship with IGEL is based on many, many years of partnering, and really collaboration at the technical level as well as at the marketing, sales, field enablement level. So, you know, IGEL and Citrix are well aligned around the vision for a secure digital workspace, and what that means to the end user as they move throughout their day, as they move throughout different networks, clouds, et cetera, et cetera. You know, really at the end of the day, what we’re focused on together is just enabling technology to blend into the background.

At the end of the day, what Citrix is delivering with Citrix Workspace is with this secure digital perimeter is essentially bringing real time behavior and context to the user as they interact with the network with apps, data and devices. And you can’t forget about the device, and that’s where the IGEL and Citrix partnership really coalesces to deliver that endpoint security with manageability.

I think the home run with IGEL and Citrix, when you get down to it, is choice. Choice of endpoints. Choice of the way you want to manage, how you want to deploy. They have incredible tools to help you assess that great partnerships with other complementary partners like Lakeside that really bring it all together for the end user and for IT to really deliver that home run for the customers.

They understand the Citrix vision, and they see now that we’re delivering product as solutions for the workspace, for secure digital workspace. And they understand how our ecosystem with key partners like IGEL fits into that, and you can’t have just this strategic vision. You have to deliver the products. We now deliver everything within 90 days of this conference. Everything we talked about is real. Same with our partners. We’re hand-in-hand with the partners like IGEL who’s a critical piece of the puzzle to making a digital workspace secure and manageable come to life without again having to think about it from an end user standpoint. It just works.

So Nutanix delivered the hybrid cloud solution, which enabled the university to get to Citrix cloud fast and easy. IGEL delivered the endpoints in a variety of ways that they could take advantage of for their different user populations. And Citrix, of course, with delivering the workspace. It all came together beautifully, and we beat our number one competitor, which we always love to do.