Solve the Mystery of the Endpoint User Experience: Answers Revealed at our CUGC Webinar April 26.

Simon Clephan
Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: April 24, 2018

IGEL Solve the Mystery of the Endpoint User ExperienceYou know that feeling that you have most of the answers about something, but if you could just have that magnifying glass for a bit, that very last bit of information would come into focus?  April 26, IGEL and Lakeside Software will host a webinar during which you will learn how to be your own Sherlock Holmes, of a sort, when it comes to tracking performance from the end user to the datacenter.

Lakeside Software and IGEL are bringing you SysTrack Virtual Channel for IGEL OS, so you can train that magnifying glass on your end users, track just about anything you want to track, take that usage data and funnel it back to improve performance.  Whether it’s disk usage, network performance or latency, it’s trackable, and quantifiable.  From the fingertips to the data center, you will now have all the answers.

Want to learn how to put this improved vision to work for you?  Join us April 26that 11 AM Pacific Time for a webinar with myself, IGEL’s VP, Systems Engineers, Jeff Feige, and Patricia Diaz, Lakeside’s Senior Product Marketing Manager.  Register at

And a plus:  this event is IT Baller eligible!