Trust your friends, not their computers.

Trey Baumgardner
Written by: Trey BaumgardnerPublished: October 30, 2017

Trust your friends, not their computers IGEL TechnologiesSecurity is always on my brain. I don’t trust anyone’s computer anymore…mac, windows whatever. As for me, I’m a windows guy. I know that if you are a locked down user, I can personally put a key stroke logger in your appdata. I’m just a regular guy and if I can do that then I know bad guys can do much worse. But the fact is, in the real world I sometimes have to use another person’s device.

Enter the IGEL UD Pocket. It’s a bootable usb key that runs a secure read only OS. The UD Pocket doesn’t make any changes to the host computer. I just reboot the computer and select boot from USB, then I boot into an OS I trust. I can launch chrome or firefox, log into my banking site, Citrix, Horizon View, whatever I need to do. The host computer could be unpatched or be totally compromised, but it doesn’t impact me, because I’m not using the local compromised OS, I’m just using the local hardware. The UD Pocket is an enterprise solution, but I love it and use it on a personal level. The great thing is, you can too. It’s as easy as asking for one! As the great technological visionary Ice Cube almost said, you better protect yourself before you wreck yourself.



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