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AVD Tech Fest

Sep 1, 2022 - Sep 1, 2022
09:20:00 - 21:00:00
Steigenberger Airport Hotel
951 Stationsplein Zuid-West
1117 CE Schiphol

At this, the third, edition of AVD Tech Fest we are welcoming community members that want to learn about and share knowledge on using Microsoft Azure as the foundation of their EUC solutions. With a focus on Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, but with sessions also on IGEL, VMWare, Citrix and others EUC technologies, we have something for everyone.

As with the previous events, content will be technical, most of it will be new or recently updated and we will bring you the best speakers and technology vendors to Amsterdam.

This event will include a fantastic group of speakers delivering a unique and interactive learning experience. We will finish off the day with a networking reception.

Hosted By


James O'Regan
Technical Solution Architect, IGEL

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