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IGEL Session Printer Agent (ISPA)

Improve User Experience, Overall Productivity and Reduce Support Calls with LRS IGEL Session Printer

IGEL Session Printer Agent (ISPA) offers many potential business benefits. It can help reduce costs, improve security and data protection, simplify administrative tasks associated with desktop deployment, and promote greater hardware utilization and consolidation. IGEL also improves worker mobility and provides businesses with greater flexibility and agility. However, printing in a IGEL environment can be problematic for administrators and users.

Administrators lack the tools to easily associate users, printers and terminals in an intelligent manner to improve the productivity and mobility of users. They also lack the ability to automate the management of dynamic deployment of print drivers across the IGEL desktops to ensure that the users receive the correct versions for the operating system and printers they are using.

These differences and challenges can result in user dissatisfaction, increased support calls, and additional administrative workload.

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Product Details

Easier Implementation with ISPA

The IGEL Session Printer Agent for VPSX application provides
a complete solution for managing printer definitions in the IGEL environment.
It supports an administrative capability to associate users, printers, and
terminals in an intelligent manner, and ensures that these definitions are
persistent across IGEL desktop sessions. This capability allows administrators
to more easily support ‘proximity-based’ printing, so users can conveniently
print nearby as they move from one terminal to another.

ISPA ensures that the correct terminal and user printer
definitions are configured for the IGEL desktop, regardless of whether the user
logged off or disconnected from their previous desktop session. By
intelligently managing user-and terminal-specific printer definitions, a worker
always has the ability to print to a nearby device, to their printer back at
the office, or to any network printer that they are authorized to access.

Supported Platforms

·       Microsoft
·       IBM
·       HP-UX
·       Sun
·       Linux
·       Linux
on IBM System z


Benefits of ISPA for IGEL Environments

-Simplifies tasks and reduces workload of IT administrators
to configure, change and maintain their IGEL print infrastructure
-Improves mobility by letting workers conveniently print
documents near any terminal location in the enterprise
-Reduces support calls due to fewer issues for users

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