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Mobile Eye

#1 in wireless end point monitoring

Mobile Eye is a patented enterprise software-as-a-service application from 7SIGNAL that acts as the world’s first and only Wi-Fi and digital experience agent for mobile devices.

The discrete Mobile Eye application runs silently in the background of any iGEL OS device and provides the wireless connectivity visibility and control I&O leaders seek. 

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Product Details

In order to effectively manage end point device performance, you need to be measuring connectivity from the end user’s perspective.

An outside-in approach to monitoring and managing Wi-Fi offers full visibility into the health of your network and devices—and can even uncover additional opportunities for your business.

That’s why organizations around the world trust Mobile Eye from 7SIGNAL. By providing fast and actionable root-cause connectivity data for Windows, GEL OS, Android and macOSdevices, Mobile Eye makes managing devices and Wi-Fi easier, enabling greater productivity throughout the enterprise.


100% visibility into wireless devices

Mobile Eye provides timestamped feedback on the most common connectivity issues such as roaming, coverage, congestion and interference, allowing you to find and fix the root causes of endpoint Wi-Fi problems quickly.

Fast and easy SaaS deployment for the enterprise

The lightweight Mobile Eye application runs in the background on endpoint devices, with no impact on processing performance or battery life.

Safe and secure software

Mobile Eye runs on 7SIGNAL’s secure cloud infrastructure and is GDPR compliant, ensuring the privacy and safety of your networks, devices and users.

Network, vendor and access-point agnostic

Mobile Eye is platform independent, offering flexibility with current and future network setups and assurance that you’re receiving the absolute truth about the health of your Wi-Fi network and connected devices.

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