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Nexthink Experience

Revolutionize digital employee experience. See and solve problems faster in real-time.

Nexthink Experience is a cloud-native platform for managing digital employee experience (DEX). By correlating technical performance and employee sentiment, you can see the true experience for the first time. Nexthink becomes your central experience hun with real-time, actionable insights into every employee - across devices, applications, virtualization and networks. 

  • Proactively improve digital experience: automated issue identification and remediation
  • Find and fix IT issues faster: troubleshooting made easier 
  • Provide the right technologies to every employee: successful and efficient IT deployments

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Product Details

1. CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE: Proactively manage and improve digital experienceStop guessing and see what matters. Nexthink shows you where to focus with experience scoring and issue prioritization. It identifies the root causes underlying issues and shows you how to solve them step-by-step.With Nexthink, continuous improvement becomes part of your daily operation.
2. RAPIDLY SOLVE: Find and fix IT issues faster. IT teams rely on Nexthink to solve problems in minutes instead of days. With a unified view of experience across devices, applications, and networks, you can rapidly zero in on the cause of any issue. The solution’s unique event-level visibility and advanced visualizations make troubleshooting dramatically easier. Make tedious manual investigation a thing of the past – with Nexthink.
3. FLEXIBLY ENABLE: Provide the right workplace technologies to every employee. One size does not fit all, so give your employees the technologies they need – while ensuring the success of your IT initiatives. See how to improve employee satisfaction with applications and devices. Increase the adoption and success of technology rollouts, from planning to pilot to deployment. You can even reduce software and hardware costs by identifying unused licenses and hardware that doesn’t need to be replaced. Nexthink helps you save money while delivering the best experience to every employee.


  • Real-time, event-level visibility and analytics: Obtain real-time, actionable insights into every employee and activity, at every moment – across devices, operating systems and any workplace location.
  • Experience quantified, enterprise-wide: Score and benchmark the experience of internal groups and use prioritized recommendations to proactively improve experience across the organization.
  • AI-driven insights and automated remediation guidance: Implement AI-driven recommendations based on precise user, device and infrastructure issue detection to improve the employee experience.
  • Targeted employee engagement: Conduct contextual employee engagement, correlating sentiment with technical metrics to reveal unreported issues and drive awareness and self-help campaigns.
  • Comprehensive SaaS application visibility: Real-time monitoring, guided troubleshooting, automated remediation combined with fully understanding employee sentiment and adoption enables you to achieve higher employee satisfaction and productivity with SaaS applications.
  • Pre-built use-case content: Access an ever-growing catalog of 100+ Library Packs offering out-of-the-box content to meet specific IT or business needs. 
  • Embed Experience insight across all IT activities: Correlate Nexthink Experience data and 3rd-party performance data, optimize ITSM solutions, enhance Service Desk efficiency or enable employee chatbot self-healing.
  • 8. Plan and deliver a risk-free Digital Employee Experience across your virtualization landscape with real-time data virtualization capabilities. 
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