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UDS Enterprise

Our UDS Enterprise software allows you to create a workplace virtualization system fully adapted to the needs of each project.

UDS Enterprise automatically manages the full life cycle of Windows and Linux virtual desktops & apps in a safe, fast and easy way

UDS Enterprise
helps IT admins to centrally manage all their infrastructure, dramatically simplifying administration tasks, personalizing virtual desktops and virtual applications according to the requirements of each user group and increasing security while achieving substantial cost savings. Users gain freedom and mobility, since they can access all the tools they need from anywhere, at any time and using any device.

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Product Details

The UDS Enterprise connection broker allows you to automatically and centrally deploy and manage the full lifecycle of your Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications in a safe, fast and easy way. It also enables remote access to physical and virtual devices. 

UDS Enterprise supports HA environments for Windows and Linux, can be deployed on-premise or in any public, private or hybrid cloud. Users can access through a web browser at any time, from any place and device, including zero and thin clients.

It’s a vendor-agnostic solution; software administrators are free to enable multiple hypervisors, authenticators, and connection protocols to run simultaneously. The platform is Open Source based, 100% customizable both at image and technical level, avoiding vendor lock-in.

Without licenses, there are subscriptions based on the number of users, including an efficient, personalized support service and updates. Flat rate from 351 users. The product roadmap is based on community requests.

We have designed customized solutions for each sector, fully adapted to the needs of every professional.


UDS Enterprise is a multiplatform connection broker for:

VDI: Windows and Linux virtual desktops administration and deployment
-Windows and Linux app virtualization
-Desktop service consolidation
Remote access to physical and virtual devices


-User access from any web browser and OS. Service access via connection plugins, Java is not required, nor any other third-party software.

-Multiple hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols running simultaneously

-Two level cache system for virtual desktops that provides resources savings and user access without downtime.

-WAN Security Access SSL. UDS Enterprise enables secure connections to virtual desktops via tunneler, without requiring a heavy client or third-party products.

-Split authentication. It enables to define two types of users, one to access the system and another one to connect to the virtual desktop.

-Deployment of virtual desktops on multiple storage systems. A single UDS Enterprise broker allows the establishment of different locations to host the desktop services to be deployed.

-Management and deployment of VDI and vApp hosted in a public, private or hybrid cloud through a pay-as-you-go model. Possibility of using desktops as a service (DaaS) without the need for hardware. Compatibility with Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud.

-Access to services at specific times. Desktops and virtual applications can be configured to be accessible at a specific time.

-Task scheduling. Enables programming processes like increasing/decreasing virtual desktops’ cache and creating new publications.

-Scalable platform. UDS Enterprise supports high availability configurations, which allows to deploy several broker and tunnel servers in active/active mode.

-Unlimited configuration possibilities. UDS Enterprise allows the definition of configuration variables at two levels and the incorporation of new modules through SOA architecture.

-Unlimited services management. UDS Enterprise is able to manage services such as: Voice over IP, Cloud Services, eLearning, IP Cameras, Remote File Storage… and any IP service.

-Reports on the use of the platform. The system automatically creates reports on the use of the different deployed services (desktops and virtual applications), lists and users accesses to UDS Enterprise.

-BYOD support. It allows users to access from tablets and smartphones by RDP via HTML5.

-Virtual desktops and applications with Moodle. UDS Enterprise is the first software that enables access to virtual desktops and applications through Moodle.

-PCs optimization with OpenGnsys. UDS Enterprise and OpenGnsys integration enable the access to PCs from anywhere and using any device.

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