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Dakel ADV Thin client Laptop

Optimized and Powerful Thin client Laptop. Ready-to-work.

The ADV Thin client Laptop is a next-generation 15,6'' laptop with integrated and pre-installed IGEL OS11 Operating System, designed for remote, safe and efficient connection to a Virtual Desktop Infraestructure.

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Product Details

The ADV Thin client Laptop is a next-generation platform, designed to connect securely to virtual desktops in Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and AWS infrastructures. The most advanced software IGEL OS11 is fully integrated and pre-installed on this optimized and powerful Thin client Laptop. Simply connect the laptop to your wireless network, access your virtual desktop session with your username and password, and start working safely. Anywhere and anytime.

The ADV Thin client Laptop is a slim optimized endpoint with an excellent performance in most common business applications including online meeting services. The combination of the ADV Thin client Laptop and the IGEL Software offers a secure, simple and portable endpoint solution.


  • Slim Form Factor Laptop with Display 15.6” FHD (1920×1080).
  • Integrates CPU Intel Core i3, 8GB DDR4 and 256GB SSD for a high performance in multiple business applications.
  • Connectivity Intel Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 and LAN connectivity.
  • High Audio Definition & HD video camera for optimized performance on video and online meeting services.
  • IGEL OS11 preinstalled, ready to be activated and start working securely on a Virtual Desktop Infraestructure.
  • Simple centralized management with the included IGEL Universal Management Suite.
  • Remote devices management with the IGEL Cloud Gateway included on the optional Enterprise Management Pack.
  • Full-compatibility with more than 90 technologies and peripherals.

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