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“Since the split, we’ve never looked back”

Why it’s time you broke up with Wyse ThinOS

You have no doubt already invested time and money into your Dell Wyse Thin client estate and ThinOS. Many are keen to make the very most of their investment, but the faster paced world of VDI and DaaS now means that some of these devices or importantly, ThinOS, is struggling to keep up.

Some devices simply need replacing, some can be updated to Thin OS 9. Sadly, both options require additional time and investment.

Even if you own the right thin clients, a ThinOS 9 migration is significant change. The re-architecture of ThinOS 9 means it lacks some of the functionality customers are used in Thin OS 8 and Thin OS 9 has some serious drawbacks when it comes to important functionality like unified communications and staying current with the latest VDI clients. In fact, you’ll probably have already noticed that there’s a lot less investment, focus, and love for ThinOS and Wyse thin clients from Dell. So, WHY Compromise any longer?

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Register here to set up a free health check of your thin client endpoint environment with one of our engineers who can help you understand how you can easily replace your Dell ThinOS endpoints with IGEL OS. Simply fill out the form and you can expect to hear from one of our representatives shortly.

Once you’ve seen everything that IGEL OS can offer, we’re convinced you’ll quickly appreciate the power and ease of management of IGEL OS, keeping your old hardware while creating a new, high performance user experience!

Five reasons to fix a date with IGEL

Don’t buy hardware you don’t need

There’s no need to throw away your endpoints. Just upgrade your OS. IGEL OS runs on any compatible x86-64 device starting with a 1 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM, and runs beautifully on Wyse hardware

Make a frictionless move to the cloud

IGEL OS was the first Linux-based endpoint OS to be verified with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). It supports all the popular protocols and unified communications tools, VDI clients, and cloud services, including Windows 365, Citrix, VMware and AWS. Whether on prem or in the cloud, IGEL OS has you covered.

Scale out, worry-free

Installing platform-independent IGEL OS onto new endpoints, local or remote, is simple and hands-free. IGEL OS comes with included Universal Management Suite software, so you can easily scale to 300,000 endpoints and more.

Deploy Win 10 and 11 without the hassle

IGEL OS makes the move to a Windows 11 in VDI or DaaS environment, friction-free. Why manage Windows twice when you can have IGEL OS on the endpoint connecting to Windows in datacenter or cloud? IGEL OS can also be deployed on Windows based Dell Wyse endpoints for even more savings and increased security.

Stay secure, up to the cloud

IGEL OS has a minimal attack surface and a tamper-proof, read-only file system. Unique end-to-end verified cryptographic signature checks keep your users and their devices safe, from the endpoint UEFI all the way to the VDI host or cloud. With your VDI and DaaS endpoints secure, your people are free to achieve great things in a hybrid work world.



In this new work from anywhere world, providing secure and controlled access to company apps, desktops, and cloud workspaces is top of mind with IT teams at companies of all sizes. Since March 2020, working from home or from any location has woven into the tapestry of people’s lives, as work and life blend into one across multiple common locations.

Current market constraints such as semiconductor chip shortages and people showing reluctance to return to the office have shone a spotlight on the importance for IT teams to build a secure and controlled remote work strategy. With people preferring to remain in a flexible local/remote work model, establishing work-from-anywhere as the norm, rather than as a contingency plan, is key to enabling dispersed teams to work flexibly, productively, and happily now and into the future.

A digital workspace solution enables people to securely access apps, desktops, and workflows from any location on any device while the organization retains full management and control. The benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and cloud workspaces are only fully realized when the endpoint is secure and standardized. IGEL OS is the next-gen edge OS for cloud-delivered digital workspaces, purpose-built for streamlined access to virtual environments. IGEL OS can run on any compatible x86-64 device, including laptops from HP, LG and mobile thin clients from Lenovo.

IGEL is focused on providing choice of device, apps, and VDI and cloud services. IGEL OS is transforming the workplace of tomorrow with essential integrations of over 110 technology partner solutions.

Optimize IT resources and save budget with IGEL OS. A mobile thin client can be set up in minutes with IGEL’s UD Pocket, a tiny USB stick solution. The user can simply plug the UD Pocket into their laptop, connect to the IGEL Cloud Gateway via the Internet, and they are up and running to access the corporate workspace. Once their work is complete, simply remove the UD Pocket to return to the native operating system. This enables IT to provide a secure and cost-effective BYOD solution for personal laptops. Postponing or avoiding the costs of new hardware results in significant CAPEX and budget savings.


IGEL enables streamlined, centralized management and control of user profiles on IGEL OS-powered devices with the unified endpoint management software, the Universal Management Suite. The UMS allows the IT administrator to easily configure and manage up to 300,000 IGEL OS-powered endpoint devices from a single console. Simply drag and drop to connect to new workloads, set up user profiles and policies, and move users from on-prem to cloud workloads. IT administrators can push out updates to endpoints even beyond the corporate network with the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG), with no additional VPN required! Furthermore, the UMS allows the IT administrator to customize the IGEL OS graphical user interface to show corporate, department or product group branding on the endpoint. A familiar GUI across any device improves user adoption and experience.

  Boost collaboration and productivity in remote teams. Video conferencing tools and collaborative technology make it easy for coworkers to communicate, regardless of their geographical location. With IGEL OS powering their mobile device, people are able to interactively exchange ideas, and be productive while sitting in their home-office, a cafe or anywhere.

IGEL OS enables high-fidelity unified communications, optimized for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Jabra, and Avaya. IGEL OS supports HDX and PCoIP technologies and offloading much of the multimedia processing to the local operating system while running critical real-time communications components on the device.


IGEL helps safeguard against endpoint breaches and malware attacks at the network edge by making it unappealing to hackers through an array of integrated security capabilities within the IGEL OS operating system and management console.

  • Moving Windows from endpoints to the cloud provides immediate security benefits by eliminating the most popular endpoint malware target, along with the need for remote Windows patching
  • As a modular, read-only operating system, IGEL OS presents a much smaller attack surface. If the mobile thin client gets lost or stolen, no data is stored on the device
  • IGEL’s “chain of trust” verifies all boot-up processes on the mobile thin client from the UEFI or the bootloader to the destination VDI host or cloud
  • The UMS enables the IT administrator to monitor every workspace on mobile thin clients in real-time and automatically push security updates to help mitigate fraudulent access and breaches.

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) policies are an important factor for the modern workplace. IGEL OS can help to accelerate your transition to sustainable IT by reusing existing mobile devices, enabling a secure BYOD strategy, and powering efficient mobile thin clients.


In these times of agile and widely distributed working, with an emphasis on secure and powerful unified communications and collaboration, IGEL enables a great user experience on mobile devices for end-users be they employees, guest users or temporary staff. IGEL is the simple, smart, and secure way to manage and control mobile thin client endpoints accessing the cloud at scale in a work from anywhere world.

Experience more about how IGEL OS-powered mobile thin clients are transforming how people work with secure, controlled access to their apps and data from anywhere.


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